Saturday, August 16, 2008


Cuba was RIDICULOUS. ROOSTERS CROWING TROPICAL PLANTS GOODNATURED DOGS old broken cadillacs and VW bugs. cheap rum.The attitude of Cuba's people. I cant say enough. A REAL sense of integration amongst older and younger generations. multiculturalism. First time visiting a country under a communist regime and it was a real eye opener in many ways. So many liberties we take for granted, are impossible for cubans. For many, it is impossible to buy land, a car and it is near impossible to travel. and the lack of access to information( cubans must get permission from the government and from their workplace to get access to the internet). The older generation are still very pro revolution and pro Fidel and the younger generation are really feeling the inequities and asymmetries of the communist system and its ideologies. A few young men I spoke to felt that, as much as they loved their country, there felt that their individual voices could not be heard. Some felt like they were living in a prison, albeit a beautiful, temperate one. and yet, there is still such a strong sense of nationalism amongst the people. With every negative statement came a reason why they felt so strongly about their country and its people. AAAAANYWAYS..i digress.I came back from cuba with one jellyfish sting. one wasp day lost to stomach bug. a 28 dollar lobster and photos. I also read ONBEAUTY by zadie smith. superior awesome. boy's bare backs CHICKENS AND DOGS AND CATS under your feat as you eat.
WEARY FRENCH AND SPANISH lovely sentimental father.
anyways, so Im back. a little lighter and a little heavier. an enchanted limbo between coming and going. but Im glad to be back and enjoying the guilty pleasure of being "connected" to y'all once more.